LRN LNP Lookup Query Database & LRN Billing

LRN-LNP-databaseTo accurately bill customers or to optimize the routes in a LCR table, we offer access to a Local Routing Number database.

LRN refers to destination numbers that have been moved (or “ported”) from one carrier to another.

LRN data follows the number, and allows you to rate your calls correctly, by the actual destination. More importantly if you are using a least-cost routing on your dialing platform, LRN allows you to route correctly using your least- costrouting software. Most wholesale customers realize a 10%-25% savings on their network bill once they start using LRN data for their USA termination.

Local number portability (LNP) is a USA government mandate that allows customers to change their telecommunications service provider while keeping their existing telephone number.

Our LRN DIP service gives you the correct LRN routing for every inquiry you make. The service gives you both the dialed number and the LRN number, and is update daily.

You do not need dedicated access to gain the dip, but you can use any of these:

  • Direct Mysql query or MS SQL server query,
  • SIP call access & code 302 return with LRN in the SIP header,
  • DNS lookup.

Other methods maybe available on request. For more information please fill out the form at the top of this page.

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