Best in Class use SAAS for Business Intelligence Applications

As the IT landscape unfolds there are many options for business intelligence (BI) applications. A survey in January from the Aberdeen group showed that the “Best in Class” businesses use Software as a Service or SaaS solutions. The survey showed a stark comparison with 45% of Best In Class using SaaS while the majority of lagging companies still in-house Physical Infrastructure at a massive 58%. Only 7% of the lagging companies had moved to SaaS solutions.

What exactly does this mean? The best companies in the world are very rapidly moving away from self hosted or in house application frameworks. Instead, they choose to predominantly move things to the cloud and compute using software as a service. This is likely due to massive developments in the worlds of desktop virtualization and overall network infrastructure.

saas overviewThere are some important take away points. First, if Best-In-Class companies did choose to remain off the cloud they switched almost entirely to virtualized system setups. This massively saved them money by having the advantage of application mobility, adaptable resource allocation, and thin or zero client availability. Second, Best-in-Class used SaaS for very specific reasons. SaaS provided the fastest time to deploy BI applications to corporate level users. It also gave them greater flexibility with various user schemes as users can be added or removed very easily with zero impact on underlying capital expenses.

Without moving entirely to a SaaS system, the vast majority of companies running expensive in house servers are much better off moving to the cloud. The resource management and scalability mixed with often lower IT demands make sense to expenses in a profound way.

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