What is a DS3 line?

A DS3 line (sometimes also referred to as T3) is a dedicated, high bandwidth, fiber circuit with a speed of 45 Mbps. This is equivalent to 28 T1 lines (or 672 regular phone lines). A DS3 circuit provides businesses that have a high amount of data traffic, the bandwidth they need - plugging straight into the carrier's backbone. DS3 bandwidth is mostly used as high speed internet access for business applications, often when companies outgrow their bonded t1 circuit speed. Some common applications for a ds 3 circuit are:

  • Videoconferencing.
  • Voice communications.
  • Voice/data aggregation.
  • Electronic data interchange.
  • Expanding backbone network

DS3 pricing

There are many different carriers that offer DS3 circuits, and prices are quite per carrier. Use the form to get DS3 line quotes from multiple vendors. Please beware that DS3 pricing is based on service address and phone number, so please use real information to get accurate results. DS3 Service transmits video, data, and voice at speeds of 44.736 Mbps in most cases over a fiber optic network. DS3 is provided between two customer premises or between a customer premises and a Telephone Company central office.

Example network setup:

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If you want to see which carriers have DS3 service available in your area, please use the form on this page for an instant comparison of DS3 quotes and availability from multiple providers. We work with and have integrated our real time quote tool with all major carriers.

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