Satelite for broadband in spaceMeet the new Satellite Internet Broadband - Fast & low jitter

A lot has been happening the last few years and bandwidth via satellite isn't slow anymore as it used to be a few years ago. With download speeds up to 15Mbps and upload speeds of 4 Mbps it isn't slow anymore.

Rural Internet Broadband

Satellite Internet service for business is an excellent solution for companies in rural areas where no other decent service providers are available. Is a T1 too expensive in your area and are other solutions too slow? Consider Satellite!

Redundant Backup Bandwidth via Satellite

Satellite is a great option when you are looking for backup bandwidth, what better diverse path then via the sky in case your fiber or copper lines get cut? A great business continuity solution for any company that needs broadband in order to operate their business.


Cost depends on what type of service you need, however this is our most popular plan:
15Mbps download & 4 Mbps upload just $179.99/month, persistant ip, 24x7 priority support.

Check Satellite Availability & Get a quote

Enter your address or just your zipcode in the form below to see availability and which plans are available at your location. Please indicate if you are looking for primary or backup bandwidth.

Who uses satellite internet?

Our biggest verticals are:

  • Businesses in Rural areas
  • Gas stations & truck stops
  • Camp Grounds
  • Farming
  • Mining
  • Credit card processing retail shops (PCI Compliant)
  • Local & national parks
  • Oil & gas


Can you use satellite for VoIP?
While a latency of 900ms isn't ideal, the quality of a VoIP call depends a lot more on the amount of jitter which is very low. So yes VoIP can be supported via satellite. The delay is small yet noticeble to some. After all the signal goes to space and back and you can't change physics.

Can you use satellite as primary bandwidth?

Some of our satellite service partners:

exede business viasat
broad sky networks

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