Disaster Recovery & Cost of Downtime

Fortune 500 Companies Report 70 Million in Lost Revenue Picture this… You and your company are preparing to close a major deal, months have been spent in preparation and the next fiscal quarter is dependent on upon a positive outcome.  Countless hours have been dedicated to exhausting research, crunching numbers and ensuring every “i” is…

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AT&T Synaptic Storage As A Service – Overview and Pricing

With Synaptic Storage as a Service you can rest assured that your data is safe and that you will never run out of space. The virtualized, adaptice storage can scale with your needs. As an AT&T Solution Provider, our Cloud Engineers can assist you in choosing the best pricing model. As you may not know,…

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Best in Class use SAAS for Business Intelligence Applications

As the IT landscape unfolds there are many options for business intelligence (BI) applications. A survey in January from the Aberdeen group showed that the “Best in Class” businesses use Software as a Service or SaaS solutions. The survey showed a stark comparison with 45% of Best In Class using SaaS while the majority of…

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Data center for colocation

Data Center Colocation Services & Pricing

Colocation Services are provided from Hosted Solutions data centers (DCs) in two formats: Cabinet space – full cabinets and half cabinets Secure private cage space The physical location of customer equipment within the DC will be determined by WHS depending on space availability and the customer’s desires. Space, cabinets or cages will be allocated, based…

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AT&T Medical Imaging & Medical Information Management

AT&T’s Medical Imaging and Information management service is a pay as you go, cloud based solution. It provides a secure and reliable way of accessing, viewing, sharing and storing medical images from PACS. It is a centralized solution that runs on AT&T’s Synaptic Storage as a Service, which offers great flexibility and scalability to grow…

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Is Amazon Cloud The Only Solution You Should Consider?

Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing solution is indeed a powerful and relevant option for businesses. However, does this mean it’s the perfect choice for every business? Let’s look at some of the technology that Amazon’s cloud solution uses and what they mean for your business. We’ll also look at some of the alternatives for those who…

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Hosted Ariba

We all know how important true end-to-end visibility in global spending and visibility in a company’s procurement process are and the great savings opportunities this can bring to a company. Increasing user adoption of Ariba applications helps to increase spend capture against contracts and negotiated spend pricing. This will help to increase savings by helping…

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picture of private cloud

Private Cloud versus Enterprise Cloud Solutions

There is a lot of talk about cloud services nowadays and a lot of our customers have asked us what the difference is between these cloud services that carriers and other parties have to offer. To make it a bit less complicated, below is a breakdown of the three versions of cloud solutions that are…

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