A T1 line is a dedicated circuit that connects to the internet with a speed of 1.544 Mbps. This T1 line speed is symmetrical; it will deliver both an upload and download speed of 1.5Mbps. The circuit is not shared but guaranteed, as opposed to DSL where your speed depends upon the number of other customers in your area. Another advantage of a T1 line is that is much more reliable, comes with a SLA, and has a guaranteed up-time.

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T1 lines are typically used by businesses that need reliable bandwidth for their day to day operations and can't afford any downtime. T1 (or DS-1) lines are available at any location but they can become more expensive in rural areas. Businesses can use the Line-Povider's T1 quoting tool on this page to see what carriers offer service in their area and what their respective monthly prices are. The tool utilizes APIs to connect to databases of over 30 carriers in order to compare pricing and availability so please give it a couple minutes before all results are loaded. This is a service free of charge.

T1 connection cost & pricing

T1 cost typically can be split up in two parts: the local loop cost and the access port. The local loop is the cost that the local incumbent telephone company charges to deliver the signal from the nearest Central Office to the customers location. The port price is the price to access the via the Central Office and the carriers backbone. Typically port price reduces with a longer term commitment and in areas where there is a high competition. The local loop component of T-1 line pricing is distance sensitive.

The DS-1 signal delivered over  a T1 line is not something that you can plug straight into your Ethernet router, it requires a special T1 router or T1 card that transforms the signal into a usable Ethernet port. This equipment however is commonly provided for free with a 2 or 3 year commitment.

T1 connection cost can vary greatly depending on how many providers are present in a certain market, and the distance of the loop. Monthly pricing can vary from a couple hundred dollars to about eight. To find out the exact pricing at your location, please use the T1 quote tool to find out which carriers available in your area. After generating your T1 quote request, you have the option to get in contact with an independent carrier service specialist who can assist you in selecting the right T1 provider. The quoting tool will also show you if Ethernet over Copper bandwidth is available at your location.


Other types of T1 lines

Besides an internet T1 there are also other types of T1 lines that are covered on this website.
Voice T1 - Local T1, LD T1, and PRI T1
Integrated T1 - An Integrated or Dynamic T1 combines voice and data on one T1 circuit.
Bonded T1 - A bonded T1 line is several T1 lines bonded together into one big 'pipe'.

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