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Integrated T1 pricing

The cost of an integrated T1 can vary greatly depending on how many providers are present in a certain market as well as the distance of the loop. Some carriers offer free local calls, and an X number of free long distance minutes per month. The rate per minute can also vary a lot, so it is worth comparing rates to understand what ends up being the best fit for you or your company. To find out the exact pricing and different offerings at your location, please use our free form. Our integrated T1 quoting tool will show you pricing of multiple carriers available in your area. After generating your T1 quote, you have the option to get in contact with an independent service specialist who can assist you in selecting the right provider. Specialists can provide insight by asking a few questions and finding out options within quotes that may end up being very beneficial in the long term.[/1of2_last]

What is a Dynamic Integrated T1 line?

An integrated T1 line has 24 channels (of 64Kbps each) that can be used for either data (internet connection) or voice. In a data T1 line all channels are used for data, providing you with DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) which gives a speed of 1.55Mbps. With an integrated T1 line you can use part of these channels for voice service. This often brings you large savings on your business phone bill. Almost all integrated T1s are dynamic as it is more efficient use of lines. Whenever a voice channel is not used, it can be used for data (internet access). So without any lines in use, you can use the full bandwidth for internet. A voice T1 uses all channels for phone service leaving nothing for data.

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