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billsIs your audio conferencing provider being honest with you? You may have been with them for years and feel safe, while in fact just that can put you at risk.

Many carriers and conferencing providers will negotiate a per minute rate and then increase their profit margins by hitting you with unnecessary add on fees that are not legitimate and not discussed during the negotiation stage. Often times they try to try to disguise these fees by making them look as if they are some type of tax or government mandated fees when in fact they are not. All of this can boost your cost of conferencing by as much as 20%. The sad thing is that this is not an uncommon practice.

Below are some of the fake charges we have seen on our clients bills numerous times:

  • Port Charges - Extra charges to reserve your ports.
  • Bridge Charges -Extra charges to bridge your calls together
  • Billing Fees -Why should you have to pay for them to generate a bill?
  • Additional State/Local Taxes -State and Local taxes should be very minimum on conferencing bills. Well under 1%
  • Additional Telecom Surcharges -These are almost always charges that are related to your vendor.
  • Conference Minimums -Some companies charge up to $25.00 as a minimum for each conference call.
  • USF Fees - While the Universal Service Fund fees are mandated by the government they are not mandated for International traffic, web conferencing, or any other non-telecom type of services that you may be getting billed for.


And these charges aren't even all of the hidden costs we have seen. Hidden charges such as taxes, surcharges, miscellaneous charges, and other charges, drive the REAL RATE of conferencing up an average of 24% over the original quote. So a customer with a quoted rate of 10 cents per minute is really paying closer to 12.5 cents per minute.

In addition to paying much more than the original rates that they were quoted, customers are often times enticed into signing a 12 to 36 month Conferencing Services Agreement. Because of the rapid decline in the market price for conferencing services over the past few years, only usage based contracts are in the best interest of the customer.

We can help you safe money on your conferencing, both national and international. Either by reviewing your bill, by negotiating a better rate on your behalf, or by setting you up with a solid conference call provider that doesn't overcharge you. Fill out the form on this page for more information, no obligation, no charge.

Audio conferencing does not need to cost more than 3 to 4 cents a minute. If yours does, give us a shout and let us help.

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