Do You Know Your PBX Is Mobile?

Virtually all employees carry a cell phone and use it extensively for business, both during and after business hours. Research studies show that over fifty percent of business calls are now being made from cell phones, making the need for an audit trail for all desk and cell phone call activity imperative.

Along with a complete call detail analysis, VXTracker’s Cell Phone Reporting service provides an audit trail on all call activity, a searchable database of cell phone calls, and
a professional assessment of how to measure and improve usage and pooled-minute plans. Our in-depth analysis is a critical component of the optimization of cell phone billing. Customers will see an immediate reduction of their cell phone expenses and will achieve additional savings and true optimization over time.

It’s Easy To Get Started

There is no software to purchase or install because VXTracker’s Cell Phone Reporting is an ongoing fee-based service, priced per phone. We integrate the bills from all your cell phone providers, perform a detailed analysis and provide you with monthly recommendations for cost optimization. Our analyst will review the reports with you and suggest ways you can control costs and monitor call activity. The call detail can also be imported into your existing VXTracker system to enable you to access complete historical reports on each employee.

There is an initial per-device setup charge, but we’re so confident that you will realize savings, that this charge will not be collected until you have realized equivalent savings, which typically happens in the first few months of the program.

Combined Reporting Shows The Whole Picture

VXTracker customers know the value of having an audit trail of all incoming and outgoing call activity for desk phones. Adding the cell phone data for an employee provides a complete picture to department managers to help them measure productivity and provides the organization protection regarding liability, corporate security, harassment issues, employee grievances, calls to competitors, etc.

By combining desk and cell phone expenses, organizations now have a more accurate picture of their true telecom costs.

56% of calls are wireless
Do You Know . . .
How much cell phone misuse and abuse you have? The current IRS tax liabilities for corporate provided phones?

We Have Answers

  • Lower total cell phone usage by optimizing plans
  • Report on an employee’s total telephone calling activity—inbound, outbound, day, night.
  • Provide information on harassment, liability and employee grievance calls.
  • Identify commonly called numbers from both desk and cell phones.
  • Be compliant with IRS regulations regarding personal use of company phones.
  • Identify under-utilized phones.
  • Works with all feature phones, smartphones, and flip phones.
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