people in call center on the phoneFinding good SIP Termination for Dialer traffic can be hard. Many carriers have started to increase their rates and even when you find a good SIP termination provider for your dialer traffic, you still have to wait and see if the rate they quoted you is going to be the actual rate you are going to pay. Because the actual SIP termination rates can come out quite a bit higher when they start adding short duration surcharges and penalties for incomplete calls.


We have worked with enough call centers, telemarketers and other companies with dialer-like traffic to understand your needs.

Say goodbye to unexpected penalties and know your real rate upfront rather than a 'made up' quoted rate. Please fill out the deck request form and we will send you the right deck for your traffic or arrange a test.

We have flat rate, NPA-NXX, and LRN / LNP decks available.



USA flat rate dialer traffic termination

Our flat rate deck starts at .008 (USD).


This is our most popular NPA/NXX dialer plan.  It is priced aggressively and typically wins traffic from just about any call center and carriers.  This is on our highest quality dialer routes.  We’ve had customers on this route for years with little to no technical issues.

USA Conversational traffic termination:

Our most popular NPA/NXX conversational plan terminated by tier 1 providers. 60 seconds ALOC required.



We no longer offer international to new customers.

International direct dialer traffic routes:

Cameroon mobile Orange – 0.158  USD,  52% ASR, 6  ACD
Guatemala Comcel – .109 USD
India nonCLI – 0.0075  USD, 55% ASR, 7 ACD
Morocco mobile – 0.165 USD, 44% ASR, 4 ACD
Pakistan mobile – 0.06 USD, 34% ASR, 4 ACD
Peru Lima – 0.0086 USD, 59% ASR, 14 ACD
Philippines mobile Smart – 0.098 USD, 38 ASR, 5 ACD
Poland fixed – 0.0067 USD, 63% ASR, 18 ACD
Poland mobile ERA – 0.031 USD, 48% ASR, 8 ACD
Poland mobile Orange – 0.025 USD, 41% ASR, 7 ACD
Poland mobile Plus – 0.031 USD, 44% ASR, 8 ACD
Ukraine mobile Kievstar – 0.077 USD, 49% ASR, 8 ACD
Uzbekistan mobile – 0.043 USD, 47% ASR, 5 ACD
Vietnam mobile Viettel – 0.017 USD, 53% ASR, 8 ACD

 Australia dialer termination:

.013 1/1 for The major metros within Australia
.095 1/1 for Australia Mobile
.017 1/1 for ROC

China dialer traffic termination:

China dialer starting at .0259 6/6 up to .034 1/1.  We have 10 vendors that can service your China dialer needs.  Currently we have about 5,000 ports of cli China dialer with full DTMF that supports rfc2833.  Most of our users are using g729 codec.  The current route stats are about 25 percent asr with about 30 second acds (average call duration).

India dialer traffic

.015 (USD) with 1/1 billing increments for landline and mobile


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