When one compares the cost of different voice T1 line providers, it is important to have some idea of your company's phone usage. Ideally one should examine their company's phone bills from the last few months to get a good idea of your organization's usage. Otherwise the carrier that seemed to have the lowest cost per month, may send you a bill you didn't expect.

Without digging into the quotes and proposals offered by the various carriers, you may be comparing apples to pears. Make sure not only to look at obvious things like the long distance rate per minute and the monthly cost. Some plans may include free local calls, while others don't or offer you a limited bundle. Some circuits are very feature rich, while other carriers may have an additional charge for features as caller id name and number.

By using our voice T1 quoting service, you also get free access to telecom specialists that are used to working with many different providers. When you take advantage of this, you can feel assured that you are going to make a well informed decision. This is a service without obligation and free of cost.


Local or Long Distance Voice T1

There are two flavors, local voice T1 and long distance T1. A local T1 often includes free local calls, and has higher long distance rates. A long distance voice T1 can give you great long distance rates (sometimes below 1 cent per minute), but local calls are more expensive. Also note that Long Distance T1s do not provide dial tones.

A voice T1 line has 24 channels that are all used for phone service which allows you to use 24 phones simultaneously. A voice T1 line with PRI (Primary Rate Interface) uses one of these channels for extra information for the PBX or another phone system. This provides the system with advanced features such as caller name (Caller ID) and incoming number. A PRI is also used for Direct Inward Dials (DID). If you don't need all or most of the 24 phone lines a voice T1 line offers, we strongly recommend using a dynamic T1 or integrated T1 line. You can find links to these below.

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