Our wholesale SIP termination provides exceptional quality routes and high volume switching capacity for all types of Wholesale end users. Whether you’re a Call Center or a Carrier we offer competitive rates for both dialer and conversational high volume traffic.

Our test and turn-up process is quick and easy. Enter your details on the form on this page to download our NPA-NXX rate-decks and you’ll also receive an email with interop & testing instructions.

Currently we only offer wholesale routes for the US, Canada & UK.

  • Tier 1 Network Reliability (5 9’s uptime; >1 ticket/MMOU)
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing
  • Short Duration and Conversational Routes Available
  • Experienced 24/7 Network Monitoring and Technical Support
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Accurate, Timely Billing
  • Custom FTP Access
  • Simple Test & Turn up
  • Flat Rate or NPA/NXX Pricing Available
  • Simple Test & Turn up
  • Do-Not-Call screening available
  • Customized Calling Programs – Ask us about yours…
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