Below is a list of the most popular carriers that are the most often requested on
Please note that if you do want to use our free quote service, you are not limited to these carriers by any means, and it is not mandatory that you ask for a specific carrier. In fact, we encourage you to use our service to request a number of different quotes and companies to work with.


AireSpring offers next-generation business class voice, data, and integrated products. T1, DS3, local, long distance, SIP trunking, and integrated voice and data products. It is both a switchless reseller and facility based carrier with equipment on both ends of the country.


AT&T is recognized as one of the leading worldwide providers of IP-based communications services to businesses. For enterprise business customers, AT&T provides a single source for local, national, global and wireless voice and data services. Their expansive portfolio gives customers access to advanced IP and traditional networking solutions for both voice and data.
AT&T OptEMan - Synaptic Storage - Medical Imaging

Cbeyond is a leading broadband, mobile voice and data, IT, and business phone service provider built exclusively to serve the communication needs of small businesses. They provide an integrated bundle of business-grade services that include broadband, PRI, hosted PBX, SIP trunks, web hosting, cloud servers, email, data backup and security, voicemail, and more.

CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States. The company provides broadband, voice and wireless services to businesses across the country. In addition, the company provides data, voice and managed services to business, government and wholesale customers in local, national and select international markets through its high-quality advanced fiber optic network and multiple data centers. See our CenturyLink Solution Showcases

EarthLink Business is a facilities-based telecommunications provider with more than 28,000 fiber miles. EarthLink Business specializes in a wide variety of products, including MPLS, Ethernet, Wireless, Data, Voice, Colocation, and Hosted PBX.

Level 3 Communications is an international communications company headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. The company operates one of the world's largest communications and Internet backbones over an IP-optimized network.


MASERGY supplies Ethernet across a serial connection at port speeds of 1.5 MB to Gigabit – and anywhere in between – to all your national and global office locations even when native Ethernet is not available. Choose either single or multiple transport services in as many quantities and combinations needed. Best of all, you will save money by combining your public and private networks on a single circuit – without sacrificing security or flexibility. Request more information here.

MegaPath is a facilities based carrier that offers a wide selection of broadband connectivity, specializing in multi-locaion networks, MPLS, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice over MPLS (VoMPLS), and security technologies to businesses all over the United States.

powernet Gobal is a premier provider of voice, data, SIP, and managed services that are supported by a consistently expanding footprint, strong network, and dedicated support teams.


tw telecom specializes in Ethernet and transport data networking, VoIP, VPN, security, dedicated Internet access, and local and long distance voice services. As of 2011, tw telecom installed the largest quantity of Ethernet ports, second only to AT&T and Verizon.
XO is a facilities-based carrier that operates a nationwide multi-10 Gigabit Tier 1 network and owns significant fiber optic network assets, including an 18,000 route-mile inter-city network and more than 9,000 route-miles within 40 major metropolitan markets.

Zayo provides lit and dark fiber bandwidth infrastructure solutions and carrier-neutral colocation. Our bandwidth infrastructure solutions are provided over our regional and metro fiber networks in markets across the nation. Enterprises, schools, hospitals, governments, banks and service providers rely on us for high quality, reliable, communication services at a cost-effective price.


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